Top Weekly Gainers – #coinmarketcap #bitcointalk

Here is the latest on the Top Weekly gainers, Volume Excluded, with Siacoin leading the volume and Asicoin being the top gainer. Asiccoin is traded with Espers, at 10 to 1 on, and is supposedly a dev for Asic Miners.

Other top leaders are the Dark Ether (DETH) and Dark Lisk (DISK), which stand to make gains off their brands, since they are paired with some of the most expensive coins including Lisk and ETH. This could send some volume towards these low-beggars, which have been starting to get picked on.

Other Toppers include the UFO Coin, which is a Spin-off from the FTC – Feathercoin development team, which has had there coins traded on a variety of exchanges, including back in the day.

So far many of these smaller coins seem to be trending, as you can see they have made gains over the last little while and have made the top weekly gains list.
Screen shot 2016-05-22 at 7.44.12 PM

Still waiting to see if PRM will ever make it to market, and what exactly DAO is going to do, and how ETH continues to drive top volumes behind Bitcoin, with approx. a third of the volume being traded around there.

Screen shot 2016-05-22 at 7.51.06 PM

Some traders have noticed a definite “paring back” on some of the coins, and heavier volume on other coins, as traders feel the tight crunch of other assets, and look at options for making profits, especially in the light of heavy new coins like ETHER, which tend to attract volume and make bigger plays than some of the smaller coins that try and get themselves going, some often ripping off investors and stealing their money, and others that carry their weight and add value to the Bitcoin eco-system. It is nice to have such cool things in place like this QR code generator from Feathercoin, eh?

Feathercoin Merchants

Imagine sitting at a futuristic restaurant where your menu is digitized on your table and you press a button and a QR code is generated with the cost of your order. You simply scan with your cell phone and your meal appears, avoiding lengthy tab clears, order/cash problems, and wait times. Plus, Feathercoin makes you feel lighter after making a payment. 🙂

Screen shot 2016-05-22 at 8.00.02 PM

Regardless, it seems like some of the smaller pools are making their ways into the larger streams either by some of the reductions and selloffs in the higher priced coins, or where new investors are looking for bulk buys. So far, the search for extra terrestrial life is ongoing, and whether they use any form of economic currency is yet to be determined, but you can bet that if contact is ever made, one of these currencies will likely step up.

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