#STATS microstocks update – Third Quarter Report

Third Quarter Report
The Coin Currency News Team is proud to announce that the STATS Microstocks has repositioned itself more closely to directly represent the NEWS site, or website and its publications, including the Coin Currency News Brand, and all its intellectual property in the form of over 200 articles documenting the Bitcoin Movement. The Development team decided it is in the best interests of the project to be developed as a News site, so that the Coin Currency News site can be better aligned with the bitcoin ecosystem, and report on trading and currency news, without having to pay dividends from mines that have become non-profitable. If the profits in the mines return, then development will re-consider the options at that point. For the most part, the zero-sum issues of most of the mining companies has prohibited the development of the Coin Currency News brand, and the possibility of having the stock represent the brand and its publications.

Screen shot 2016-05-24 at 8.00.54 PMSTATS Microstocks at http://www.alcurex.org

    Moving Forward

In an effort to forward the long-term value to shareholders, the stock will likely see fewer dividends, but may be more valuable as development seeks alternative forms of financing. A recent sell-off has allowed the development to regroup some of the stock in the event of a financing option, where should the price return to the 150,000 Satoshi mark, and trading averages could be attained, then possible valuations at that price could be attained. In the meantime, the News coverage will continue to develop the site, as well as start to develop a marketing and venture capitalist application so that corporate backing could further develop the coin currency news and bitcoin news site.

Robert Chernish
Lead Developer

Send letters to:

Robert Chernish
Box 668
Athabasca, Alberta, Canada
T9S 2A6

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