Now we have a total solution with Bitpay! Just take a look at Bitpay and see what you are missing in the bit-commerce world.

You will see all the businesses open to working with Bitcoin, and if you should decide to register your business for accepting bitcoin, then you may want to get an account at Bitpay so that any items you have created for sale with your bitcoin can be paid in bitcoin and automatically deposited to the bank!

Screen shot 2016-05-31 at 5.02.00 PM

This makes for a great way to connect bitcoin with banks and professional workers who want to continue to use their fiat banks to pay bills and provide other services like traditional stock trading.

Coin Currency News has recently listed with Bitpay and has established an item for sale. This item is a collection of 100 Altcoins from 2016, of which we think are the top 100 Alts. It is a giant volume that can be ordered in print separately, but the current e-book is on sale now!

Half of all proceeds from the sale will be paid as dividends to STATS Microstocks holders on the exchange.