Coin Currency News Employs Google Services

Coin Currency News recently entered into a service agreement with Google, as well as upgraded the site to a Premium Membership with WordPress to eliminate spam and outside advertising on the site. This is all building on the brand rebuild efforts mentioned in the 3rd Quarter report that outlined our position on exiting mining and moving into bitcoin news reporting and a move towards intellectual property, which has laid the track for developing our new 2016 Crypto Coins Catalogue, which is currently for sale, and will remain on sale for another 6 months, when in 2017, the price for the Catalogues will double, and then we will develop a 2017 coins catalogue, but in the 2017 edition we will be showcasing much fewer coins than this 100 Coin Introductory Edition. We hope to showcase the top 50 Coins moving forward, as well as developing a publishing plan with financiers, which has been one of the main drivers for developing the brand; so that it maintains congruency with the development of the industry.

Screen shot 2016-06-01 at 11.26.38 AM

Many of our daily readers have also noticed our new WordPress Theme which builds on plans and developments which helped us launch this newly branded site, and we will be upgrading our branding on Twitter and on the Alcurex exchange, which is also in the development of a new exchange, which we believe will also position us in a prime spotlight for new investors across the globe.

We think that over time, our Crypto Coins Catalogues and ongoing creative development will position our site as both an informative site, but also a working merchant site that accepts Bitcoin. We believe that we have increased our business position by improving the contracts and licensing, and overall position of the site to a position that is “business-ready”, and will spend the next 6 months trying to improve that position with the development of new products and messaging developed with partners and the bitcoin ecosystem.

As mentioned earlier, half of all fees received from Crypto Coins Catalogues will be sent to dividends to shareholders, and since we recently engaged Google to promote our Crypto Coins Catalogue using Adwords, and upgrading the site to premium, should help with the visitors to the site. We have also setup a Google Analytics funnel to see how many traffic visitors actually click on the Crypto Coins Catalogue Buy Now Link and purchasing button.

While the company has incurred some financing from developers, the position of the company is to acquire commercial financing as a form of brand development in the industry, or to improve product sales as a form of debt recovery and long-term shareholder ROI.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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