#STATS Mining Resumes, Dividend Announced

After a brief hiatus during a restructuring period when the stock experienced a variable price change as some investors sold back to developers to enable better forward management of operations through amalgamation efforts, and the increased price in Bitcoin, along with the addition of the e-book sales has allowed Coin Currency News to resume dividend payments. After a short costing phase including site upgrades, and domain licensing, as well as google advertising costs, the development team incurred some loss, however, it is believed that this loss can be mitigated given the restructuring of the shareholding unit by attaining financing down the road when the site has increased value. The value will be realized over time by sales from our coin catalogs, as well as complimented by our mines when they are profitable, as well as any fees attained from PSAs, advertising, or other options that may arise.

The development team is actively working on a few new business ideas to increase ROI for shareholders over the long-term, and continues to watch for new approaches to profit making and building intellectual property in the form of publications and news items.

It is believed that our recent site upgrade will also increase our ratings and bring more users to the site, which will increase coin catalog sales! This may be further realized when we do a holiday push at the end of the year, whereupon our mining contracts expire, so extra profits during this time may be used to purchase new contracts or explore other favourable options for increasing returns. Our 19000 GHS on Oxbtc.com are not producing profits and they are too cheap to sell at this time so we will continue to hold them, and as our investors know, we are always looking at ways to diversify and make extra profits, even if it means waiting a very long time.

As our shareholders also know, the Bitcoin mining industry is risky, and the July 10 Blockchain impacts from the reward halving may have an impact on pricing and productivity, and at this time it is too early to say how the mining will go, but as mentioned before we will continue to work on brand development and other creative options to provide dividends and increase stock value.

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