SpreadCoin gets added on Yobit?

But is it the same SpreadCoin that is being sold on Bittrex?


There are a few duplicate coins out there, including Xaurum, Moneta, and now SpreadCoin that have similar names, but are different coins, so make sure to do a little research on the coins. For instance, Moneta on Yobit is priced much cheaper than Moneta on Poloniex, but are they the same coin? The same goes with Xaurum, which is priced much differently because they are different coins, but if someone were to get a tip on a coin to buy, and it was named the same as another coin it could be confusing so it pays to do a little research first.


The real news is that everyone is on edge about the upcoming Blockchain reward halving coming on July 10th. The problem is that the mining rewards are being cut in half, but doesn’t a percentage of the overall transaction volume have something to do with it? So if the network was handling much larger volumes, then the commissions would also be much higher. Since the network is only doing 100,000,000 USD a day, naturally the payouts are not as high as if they would be if the network was doing a $100,000,000,000 per day, even if it were only to gain interest of the network?

So far, the mining operations on the Blockchain are a work in progress, and many companies are having a tough time making sense of how to play the upcoming divide. One thing is certain, the Blockchain is now well integrated across the globe, so shutting it down and moving onto an Altcoin Blockchain doesn’t really seem plausible. The alternative of having a Bitcoin worth a million dollars is the problem of people wanting to keep their bitcoin because it would naturally just increase in value at an accelerated rate, or to buy the next best coin in hopes of making gains there.

ETH seems like a natural fit, but then has to wonder about coins like Bitshares and Monero, which are stronger pairs than other classics like Ripple and Doge. No matter, it’s just a few more weeks to see what happens, and it should be a good time for news stations, exchanges, banks, and bitcoin companies who people will be watching to see how they respond. Will the price hit $10,000 per coin like some Russian analysts are predicting? OR, will the price funnel into another coin? Or, what else could happen?


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