The Coin Currency News dividend of .067 slated to be paid on June 15, 2016 is going to be carried forward to combine with the end of month dividend. The dividends are composed of 100% of e-book sales on The Altcoins Cookbook, as well as mining revenue from Bitcoin and Altcoin mines.


The next two-three weeks are going to be highly profitable for Bitcoin miners as the rewards are going to increase along with the price in preparation for the reward halving on July 10th. I expect the price to double to compensate for the reward losses, and if this happens, it may trigger a Fibonacci sequence that could positively or negatively impact the price with a sort of limitless price point. Some analysts are saying the natural coin for this to happen to would be Bitcoin itself, or Litecoin, Ether, Bitshares, Daol, Ripple, or any number of currencies.

Regardless, we believe that we have positioned the stock in the best position to date and have increased our business capacity by over 300% in the last 6 months.


Screen shot 2016-06-13 at 6.47.11 PM


Purchased a Hashnest contract of 450 GHS on June 12, 2016 to add to the mining revenue. Turned the auto-rebuy function on the 1600 MHS to savings mode, so that the divs can be paid from the Litecoin mine. This 1600 MHS produces approx. .005 BTC per month after being converted from Litecoin. Mining Litecoins directly in the future may be an option. Our EOBOT mine is set to produce Doge Coin and is paying out 2000 Doge every week.

An application to was made to list the STATS stock to increase Stock interest for coinmarketcap lovers. Other new business includes working with commercial investors to increase the value of the stock by increasing cloud mine investments, which are currently in the works, as well as finalizing the most recent version of the e-book, which now includes late releases from 2016 such as DAO coin, and DGD. We think that the altcoins cookbook will increase in popularity over time as traders will begin to want documents and catalogs covering the Bitcoin and Altcoin movements. This first e-book is the start of our new revenue-generating e-book campaign, with the next project going to be on the Bitcoin and Altcoin Exchanges — and how this thriving industry will grow to become one of the largest economic systems in the world. We hope to have this new book ready in a couple months, and have a better update on how the current ebook sales are impacting revenue. To help grow sales, we increased our Google Adwords budget to $250 USD per month, and are getting a lot more traffic to the site as a result.

Since upgrading to a new premium hosting package as well, we feel that the integrity and professionalism of the site has increased since the absence of 3rd-party ads, and will continue to increase industry and price coverage, as well as publishing, and diversified mining options to increase revenue going forward. We expect the value of the stock to be close to $1 USD by the end of the year if our 26000 GHS mine becomes profitable and productive again. If not, we still expect the revenue to be dynamically larger in a few months given our increased focus on revenue generation activities and new investments achieved through external financing.