Omni, Maid Assets Join Openledger

The Omni Assets including Maid Coin, Agoras, and Synereo will all be listed on Openledger in the coming days, as well as a new Maker Market for Etherium DAO. These recent news announcements come from the Openledger team:

Screen shot 2016-06-15 at 11.29.00 AM


Openledger continues to develop the Bitcoin Ecosystem using innovative approaches to currency management, all the while operating a wide range of professional programs.


9 responses to “Omni, Maid Assets Join Openledger”

  1. […] gains today after a series of gains over the past few days. This may be from increased use of where BTS is one of the main trading pairs with STEEM and the MAID […]


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  7. Thanks for the comment Alex….yes there are circumstances where a multiple offering can make sense, usually AFTER you have really established a community via cycling that “gets” your vision. Best of luck with the rowing, would love to know how that goes. Bill


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