BTC Halving Preparations?

How is everyone preparing for the Halving? The prices don’t seem to be any more unregular than usual, and it is a tossup whether to buy or sell. That said; the imminent halving is looming in just a couple days and people know that the markets are going to fluctuate, and are wondering what are people buying into during this new segment in Bitcoin’s development?

We would like to point our readers to Coindesk’s article on this subject:

Screen shot 2016-07-08 at 8.03.16 PM

Bitcoin Halving 2016: Will the Price Rise or Fall?

This may signal to the computing science industry and commercial banking sector that it is time to join forces and make the switch to a truly digital e-commerce system like the Blockchain, which has so neatly integrated itself into every aspect of our communications protocol.

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