GRU IPO on Alcurex – BUY NOW!

GRUPBIT is sold under the ticker GRU.

The shares are non-voting, dividend eligible, and are representative of a new international bitcoin consulting franchise movement known as GRUPBIT.

The GRUPBIT IPO is 10,000 Units open for sale and is actively trading now and includes the STATS mining operations buyout. Once the sales hit 2 BTC, the new Dividend will be processed. STATS Mining Operations Buyout.

For more details visit and get in.


One response to “GRU IPO on Alcurex”

  1. […] would have received their payout on July 16th or 17th on the Alcurex of exchange, when the 2 BTC dividend payout was processed. Since GRUPBIT has taken over the mines, the profitability has remained below average levels, and […]


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