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GRU Pays Dividend of .055 on Alcurex, #STATS

For the fishermen who love to troll, it may be worth the while to buy a few GRU, or GRUPBIT mining shares, with 37% still on the market, the remaining 3589 of the 10,000 are still up for grabs. STATS shareholders would have received their payout on July 16th or 17th on the Alcurex of exchange, when the 2 BTC dividend payout was processed. Since GRUPBIT has taken over the mines, the profitability has remained below average levels, and the ZEUS Cloud Mining Operations have produced little to no yield, and given this is the Lion’s Share of operating power, it is somewhat disappointing, however, some of the smaller contracts with GEnesis are still operating, and operations and fund managers are working all angles to try and find the best ROI for investors, as well as build up the buy-wall to provide any exits for uneasy investors who have been all shook up from hard markets.

Screen shot 2016-08-16 at 10.41.06 PM

Investors Update

There is no predictions on price or long term profitability on the GRU or STATS shares, but STATS will continue to develop new leads as the development team explores possible collaborations with students who are looking to gain news coverage and writing experience. Other projects include the increased production of e-books, as well as possible development of localized case-work to develop case-scenarios around market risk to provide best solutions for emergency disaster situations where traditional bank and money systems are nowhere to be found. In these cases, such as can be witnessed in post-war zones, areas devasted by flood or wildfire, or other environmental disasters. Having a good crypto-currency can make things move along alot more quickly, so we will be exploring these options in case-use scenarios, as well as trying to increase the buy-wall for increase traction on the stock. As usual on the news site here, we are always looking for contributors since all the work is done by volunteer, and RC will be heading back to school in the Fall to study Biology so the posts may be few and further between. You can bet that any big industry news and we will have it covered, and that we will also be going to try and create an altcoins and bitcoins student group to help integrate systems at the University to see if there is any tractions.

Screen shot 2016-08-16 at 10.16.36 PM


GRUPBIT.com will continue to explore cloud-mining and investment operations, as well as financing options for long-term growth.

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