VirtaCoin Faucet – 100 VTA per day login bonus

Hey Everyone!

As you know we are developing VirtaCoin, and have purchased 1,000,000 VTA as part of the STATS bond purchase program, and would like our reader to join us and help grow the coin, but wait, just for joining and logging in each day, you can get 100 VTA.

Here is the recent correspondence we received from the Virtacoin team, and would like you to join the VirtaCoin community to help develop industry across all levels with this well-designed and highly versatile and agile coin. Sold on VirtaCoin Mall, Bleutrade, and C-CEX, this coin is highly affordable and hard to crack, so take a few bucks and pick up a thousands of VTA while they are still highly affordable and join the growing Virta Ecosystem.

Thanks to the generosity of the VirtaCoin FOUNDERS
VirtaCoinWallet now offers a daily reward of 100 VTA
just for logging into your VirtaCoinWallet every day!

Just login every day and you’ll get 100 VTA transferred
into your wallet instantaneously!

But that’s not all!

If you get hits to you Paid Promotion Link then your Daily
Login Reward of 100 VTA is incereased with 1% for EVERY
hit you get to your link! So, if you have 100 hits to
you Paid Promotion Link you get 100% added to your Reward.
150 hits – 150% added and so on. All info about the Paid
Promotion Link here:

And it still gets better!

Yes. There’s one more feature to go, the “Weekly GiveAway”.
Everyone that claims the ‘Daily Login Reward’ at least 5 times
in 1 week will be eligible for the “Weekly Giveaway”.
Thanks again to he FOUNDERFUND we will be giving away f.r.e.e
VirtaCoins, e-books and referrals every Monday to those that have
claimed their Daily Reward at least 5 times in the previous 7 days.

VirtaCoin is “The People’s Coin”. It is all about a collective effort
to increase the value of our Coin. There are many ways you can claim
F.R.E.E Virtacoins but we expect you to do something in return.

By helping to promote VirtaCoin you are at the same time helping yourself.
More VirtaCoin users means a bigger market, means more sales, means more income
for us all to share. And most importantly: as VirtaCoin gets more widespread,
its value will rise – which means the value of your earned Virtacoins will go up to!

So, here’s The Plan :

1 – Get an online Wallet – You already done that! (make sure your friends get one too!)

2 – Start earning f.r.e.e. Virtacoins – it’s easy!

3 – When the value of VTA goes up- SELL and take your profit or use your VTA
to Shop around – everywhere they accept BitCoin you can pay using your VTA too!

Simple as 1-2-3!

Congratulate yourself on being at the Right Place at the Right Time –
now is YOUR CHANCE to get a piece of the Big Pie!

Screen shot 2016-08-22 at 11.15.02 PM
Screen shot 2016-08-22 at 11.13.10 PM

Go to and register a wallet, and if you want to use the

you can sell all your items at the auction house there.

Thank you for using our services.

VirtaCoinWallet Administration

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