#GRU – GrupBit moves to weekly dividends

By shareholder demand, and with the recent increase in Bitcoin price, GrupBit, will be moving to weekly payout dividends to increase shareholder interest and trading activity on Alcurex. GRUPBIT, who purchased the STATS mining operations on the July 15th buyout also brings an extra 20,000 GHS to the mining portfolio, which has recently increased production through diversified contract management and new investments, which will remain a top agenda. Given the current production levels on the contracts, it is expected that the weekly payouts will be .05 BTC split between the 10,000 units. There are still 3000 units available at the original IPO price of .001, and it is expected that the price will likely reach .0015 by December given the increased contract development and marketing activities.


There are now over 5 different contracts in session with more in the works, and it is expected that this fund will grow into a leading diversified contract fund in the coming months if market activity remains nominal or increases.



GrupBit (GRU)

For those looking to receive regular dividends paid to their alcurex account through a diversified contract that reduces individual contract risk, then this may be a good option for weekly payouts.

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