PostCoin Begins A Bull Run #POST

POST, or PostCoin just passed 300 Satoshi, and with only just over 15 Million in supply, the coin seems to be a hot item as traders begin to realize that it may be undervalued given it’s functionality as a currency for blogging and posting, as well as it’s integration model for the future.




While PostCoin has higher than average volumes in April, May, and June, it is starting to gain some momentum as investors catch on to this unique coin.



Some of the attention may be from the Leo Coin development team who supposedly use the Post Coin interface to develop some of their messaging, and according to some trollboxes, the Leo Coin team has received approval from the US to release their Leo Coin linked Visa and Debit Cards, which could only mean good news for Post if the Leo Team is indeed backing it.

One response to “PostCoin Begins A Bull Run #POST”

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