#BURST – Ready to Burst?

Burst coin has seen it’s market cap continue to float higher and higher while the price points have not been able to keep the pace, until today, where the prices have been quite bullish. Is now the time for buyers to get in on Burst Coin before it Bursts?




Burst is one of the most energy efficient coins because of its unique mining method where it establishes blocks on the HDD systems of computer hardware, and posits them as nodes so that each node can be earmarked within a larger framework within the computing system, making the POC ASIC proof. As one of the few coins that is truly ASIC proof, this proof of capacity mining technique carries many innovative options for business, investors, and coin traders.

Learn more about BURST from http://web.burst-team.us/

While Burst hasn’t made the leap above 100 Satoshi yet, some analysts are pegging this coin at 750 Satoshi because of it’s innovative techniques, and metrics, as well as its listings on Poloniex, C-Cex, and Bittrex, making it a solid coin for traders to speculate on.




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