#Alcurex – top rated crypto exchange

Alcurex gets one of the top ratings for their dividend gainsharing program with their Alcurex shares. Last week the exchange paid out over 34 BTC in dividends to shareholders of Alcurex stock, making it the biggest dividend payout we have seen. Other exchanges offer a gainsharing option, like Bleutrade where investors can buy Bleu shares. While Bleutrade offers gainsharing , the payouts are not nearly as close to the size of Alcurex, which has seen their shares increase in price over the past few months from around .002 BTC to highs of over .005.


Alcurex is also one of the fastest growing exchanges, recently doubling in size in almost 3 months from 3500 users to over 7000. Besides their rapid growth, and amazing gainsharing dividends, they also provide excellent customer service to new investors, coin listers, and support a wide variety of coins, with new coins being added almost weekly.


As our readers know, the GRU stock is also listed there, which is a dividend paying stock as well, which draws upon gainsharing options from Bitcoin and Ether and Litecoin mines, as well as internally managed hedge funds. There are 10,000 GRU units, which are now paying weekly dividends, and just under 200,000 Alcurex shares, of which some are privately owned from a deal struck just over a month ago.

While there are plenty of coins making big gains, investors who enjoy regular dividends, strong customer service, and a wide variety of coin choices will enjoy the Alcurex exchange, where GRU and Alcurex offer weekly payouts directly to holder’s accounts.

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