#bitstarz 20 free spins


This is one heck of an online casino where you get 20 free spins!

When I signed up I won .02 BTC on my first few spins playing Zen Fruit. When you sign up go to your profile and click activate bonus and look underneath and it will tell you what games you can play for free. Then go to Casino Games and search for the games that are eligible and play your free spins.


Once I won my BTC, I went and played some roulette and was up to .03 BTC, but after some poor bets, I came out with only 10,000 Satoshi.


How did your games go? Leave your comment and let us know if you win big!!!

Click on any of the images to go directly to the page and play for free with a no-hassle signup it is quick and easy to start playing some fun games from home.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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