Hey Everyone,

It’s that time of year again when you should start thinking of your Christmas shopping, and what better gift than the Altcoins Cookbook. This coins catalog offers a perfect introduction to 100 Altcoins, their current prices as of June 2016, as well as logos and links.

This makes for a perfect compendium of some of the top coins of 2016, and is offered now for the minimal price of $4.99 USD. Once purchased, you will receive a link for the collector’s e-book from Bitpay on your receipt, so go ahead, and purchase a copy of this amazing little guide today.






While some of the coins in the catalog may not be active anymore, the compendium also works as a good historical document to provide a snapshot of some of the top coins of the time period, making it a solid historical reference for traders, investors, collectors, and historians.

Also know, that all e-book sales are paid to STATS shareholders on Alcurex Exchange, so if you want to get a piece of the profits, then buy the STATS shares, and we will also be releasing another version of the Cookbook in June 2017 for the loyal readers, traders, and collectors.