#Obits Voting, Alcurex Updates, XRP gains

Volume is down over weekend trading, with only 50 Million USD in Bitcoin trades around the price point of $600 USD. Large gainers during the week included XRP, or Ripple Coin, which gained over 30% in yesterdays trades, as well as VIP, which gained over 100% on the Yobit exchange.

The Openledger platform, which offers traders a public ledger system and uses some of its commissions to buyback/burn its primary Obits shares has now offered Obits users the opportunity to vote on whether to provide dividends to Obits holders, or to continue the Obits buy/burn scenario to decrease supply and increase equity. There is also the combination of buying/burning, as well as paying dividends to Obits’ holders accounts. You can buy Obits at the Openledger platform. The Obits voting closes September 30, where we will provide an update on the results.






The Alcurex Exchange continues to enhance the site, with the development team adding some enhancements and updates over the weekend, which may cause some delays in trading, however operations should be back online for Monday trading.

Users who has Open Orders may want to go through their order books to re-post some of their orders, especially on some of the global markets such as STEEM, DOGE, and WAVES, where orders will be closed and reverted back to balances. Other orders should remain open, but once the update is clear, then go back into your account and repost your orders, and doublecheck everything while enjoying the new interface enhancements.

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