#CureCoin, NEOS, Alcurex Updates, BTC News

Cure Coin is the big winner in late weekend trading, with the coin rising a couple cents back over 8 cents. This is no surprise given it’s major pump last week, and it looks like some traders are trying to hedge their losses after the dump that followed. Traders are also finally starting to realized the NeosCoin, or NEOS, has 5 times less supply, and should naturally climb in price, and after a week since the reverse split, the NEOS coin is starting to see some more volume ($50,000) in late day trades.


NEOS is starting to get some volume after the reverse split.



Cure Coin is one of the top percentage gainers on the weekend day trading, rising 42%


In Other News

Alcurex Exchange is now completed the makeover of their exchange, and gives traders the option of running a chameleon skin, which changes colors and offers enhancements for improved trading experience. The coins are also split between the main exchange, and the penny markets, where traders still have a wide array of options. Other enhancements include sign in name recognition and welcome message, as well as the option to view in single mode. The update was completed over the weekend, with a few minor kinks to be finalized Monday when remote market trading, and other perks are finished. While the exchange is not as fast-paced as Bittrex or Poloniex, it offers experienced hedge traders, and new traders a more relaxing environment to work on trades. Some of the users in the trollbox are enjoying the new chameleon theme and saying it looks like Christmas on there. 🙂




In Other News

Mind Coin (Mind) is going to be delisted from Bittrex unless the developers contact Bittrex since the Blockchain for that particular coin needs to be updated, and is urging users to get the DEVs to contact them to get it updated.




Bitcoin is still above the $600 USD and had little variance over the weekend trades, with slightly increased volume trading in the latter half of the day as Chinese investors started their Monday morning trades.


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