All freelance writers, bitcoin writers, and anyone who wants to share a public release or coin news statement can now do so on Coin Currency News, but wait, it get’s better, not only can you share your Bitcoin or Altcoin news release or story with the world of Coin Currency News readers, but you can also get paid for it?

*Why pay to share your story on another site, when you can share your story, promote your coins, or gain valuable experience writing for Coin Currency News, and get paid for it!

*That’s right, we are looking to diversify our content and are willing to share your story with the world, and offer you a payment for your story.


1. Must be original content, or right to share.

2. Payments are made to contributors in the form of STATS shares, which can be cashed for BTC on the Alcurex exchange. It’s simple, register at Alcurex with your email, and then use that email to submit your story and get the shares transferred.

3. Every story nets 5 STATS shares, which can be bought or sold on the public market at


Not a writer, but still want a piece of the action? You can also register at and buy some shares or bid on the shares while they are still low.

There are only 100,000 STATS shares, and we will be offering promotions like this in the future, but this is our first round of such promotions, and is part of our plan to reinvigorate the stock.


We believe this will be good for existing STATS shareholders who want to sell their shares to new users who enjoy writing and have a vested interest in Bitcoin news and Altcoin news. We also believe this will be helpful for the Alcurex exchange in growing their user base.

Not only will you get your STATS shares, but you can also buy Altcoins and Bitcoin directly at Alcurex, so you can write articles, trade shares, and buy altcoins.


This is our first mention of this promotion, but we will be sharing it with freelancer sites in the coming days, so be sure to get started now, and start writing.

    We are looking for:

*Altcoin Reviews
*Bitcoin Reviews
*Bitcoin News
*Altcoin News
*Coin Trading

And any other Bitcoin or Altcoin topics. Article must be at least 100 words, and should be original content. Maximum 5 submissions per person to start.

Please email your contributions and story ideas to
along with you Alcurex registered email so we can transfer your shares, and make sure to check back regularly to see if your story is published.

If your story is shared and gets over 1000 views, we will send you a bonus of 25 STATS shares.

This promotion will end once we have received 100 contributions, so start now and get your submissions in.

You will be notified of your acceptance and will being the transfer process if we like your story and plan on using it on our site.


1. Register at
2. Send your story to with your email used to register at Alcurex along with up to 5 Articles.
3. You will receive a reply of how many stories we will use, and begin the transfer.



Remember the STATS stock may grow in value, and if you are not a writer, but just a savvy investor, you can buy these shares now as well from

The STATS shares are also eligible to dividends from advertising sales on this site, as well as sales of the Crypto Coins Catalog.

In the long term, if our news team is a successful group, then we may start paying dividends if we grow our traffic and readership, so any marketing by the News Team will help improve the stock price, as well as grow the site. We are also looking for e-book writers who may be interested in having us share their e-books or publications on this site and increasing their publicity.


Let The Discussions Begin!

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