#FCT Factom – Ready to Jump?

Factom, as you know, has been in a small downtrend over the past two weeks after hitting a high of $3.50 USD, and is currently trading back below the 3$ level. What many traders don’t know is that this coin also has products and services backing its value, and recently celebrated its one year anniversary on September 01, 2016. This posits FCT as a more established coin than some of the new coins that recently hit the market, and not only that, they seem to have steady growth. The big question, we posed a few weeks ago was when FCT would pass $3, but after further research, the big question is when will FCT past $10.


While this may seem a little far-fetched, given it’s small supply of under 9 million coins, and increasing uptake on the business service side, some analsysts predict this coin to be a top contender in the Alt markets by the end of the year. Is now a good time to buy?


As one of the few coins truly built for enterprise, this coin has some extra merit points on the trading scales given the possible exponential growth it can achieve in new business, new investment, and widespread reach.


Not only that, but the FCT coin has a strong business team, and recently updated their brand for consistency between the .com and .org sites, and remains a possible contender as a top alt-coin in the near future according to their website.

One response to “#FCT Factom – Ready to Jump?”

  1. […] FACTOM Coin, Factom, or FCT is one coin that investors are hedging and buying up quickly since the recent announcement that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested in the blockchain enterprise solutions company. Offering products, and services, that use the Factom Coin as the central currency, the company has been adding to its list of partners, products, and services, adding a steady stream since it launched its new look and feel back in September. […]


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