Monero Drops, BTC gains, Coin Updates

The XMR coin, Monero is adjusting downward after it large price climb from $5 to over $12 in the past few weeks, and many investors are wondering what XMR will do as they sit back and watch from a distance, waiting for it to come to a lower price point before getting back in. For many investors, the jump was a surprise, and was pushed out of the price range for many small traders.


BTC gained at few dollars and is acting bullish after remaining around the $600 price point for most of September.

Ripple is entering a downphase, which could quickly turn back into an uptrend given its recent volume and interest from the commercial markets as a solution for quick transaction payments.

Other stocks to watch include NAUT, which will be going into the PAR conversion, as well as BLOCK, which is currently trending, and ETC, which has been laying dormant for a few weeks. FCT also has a strong upside, and is currently in downsell mode, which could shift upwards over the weekend if traders get bullish. YOCoin is also trending up today, after gaining a cent in prices after laying dormant for 2-3 weeks without much action.



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