#Agrolifecoin (AGLC) – Trades on Alcurex

Agrolifecoin, one of the most stable food pegged coins set to revolutionize the foods sector is trading on Alcurex. Here is an excerpt from the AgroLife website:

“Agrolifecoin is an innovative agriculture-focused investment cryptocurrency that provides tailored capital and technical assistance solutions to commercially-viable small and medium-sized enterprises. Agrolifecoin invests in such enterprises as part of its mission to catalyze agriculture-led inclusive economic growth in the world, and increase the amount of commercial capital available for agriculture.
The need for investing in agriculture is increasing due to a rising global population and changing dietary preferences of the growing middle class in emerging markets toward higher value foods.

According to estimates, demand for food will increase by 70% by 2050, and at least $80 billion annually in investments will be needed to meet this demand, most of which is expected to come from the private sector.

Banking sectors in developing countries lend a much smaller share of their loan portfolios to agriculture compared to agriculture’s share of GDP. This limits investment in agriculture by both farmers and agro-enterprises. It also demonstrates that the barrier to lending isn’t due to a lack of liquidity in the banking sectors, but rather a lack of willingness to expand lending to agriculture.

Government policies often prove to be ineffective and could in fact create impediments to offering financial services to the agricultural sector.”

This could be a very transformative coin in the coming months as the uptake continues to increase, and is currently trading below average prices on Alcurex.com




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