Coin Currency News welcomes News Writer

Our subscribers will notice a variation on our existing news as we have recently hired a new writer to the Coin Currency News team. This move is part of an ongoing strategy to develop the Altcoin and Bitcoin investing news by gathering new voices to the team, as part of value generation for the STATS stock and to cater to a larger readership. Brian Driscoll will be joining the News Team as one of our first new hires as we look to expand site development. Brian has been working in the freelance writing field for years, is a budding entrepreneur, and has a strong background in Bitcoin and Altcoin fields.

Welcome to the team Brian!


Our readers may enjoy notice some new writing styles and pieces as we grow our contributing staff, and perhaps enjoy some of the new and varied material put forth on the site as we continue our outreach and development. The strategy is part of an on-going effort to increase e-book publication revenue and audience development.


2 responses to “Coin Currency News welcomes News Writer”

  1. Welcome Brian ! Thanks to all the coin currency news team, I do really appreciate the infos published on your website as well it’s ergonomy. I whish a great success and a long life to

    PS. I would be happy to read an article about the HZDOGE project listed on


  2. Thank you for the beyond flattering description. I will do my best to live up to it. Cheers!


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