BlockChain Unconfirmed Transactions Increase

Has anyone else noticed that BTC transactions took longer to confirm today? After making some transactions recently, and waiting hours for them to confirm, it seems like the Blockchain is taking longer and longer to process some of the transactions. There is no way of telling which addresses work, and which don’t since it seems like some will confirm right away, and others are taking longer. After looking at some of the transactions, and checking the stats on the blockchain, some of the possibilities include the increased difficulty, decreased hash rate, and increased number of transactions. While these are just theories, the reality is that BTC is taking longer to process these transactions, so sending money may have to be done using lightcoins or altcoins?


Today marks a new high for the mempool count, which is the amount of unconfirmed transactions, which shows the network has slowed considerably today.


Are any of the other coins experiencing these delays?

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6 responses to “BlockChain Unconfirmed Transactions Increase”

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