Traders Gearing Up for weekend

Traders are anticipating a busy weekend of trading, as many investors haven’t been able to keep up with the markets, and will be making up for it over the weekend, so be sure to watch to see which coins are the hot picks. Some of the recent active movers have been Gulden (NLG), which is a coin that does what all the other coins aspire to do (allows you to send money and deposit it directly to a bank account) anonymously), and Burst, which has slowing been raising the wall on its price.


Recent uptrends are expected from Nautilus and NAV, which both made small gains, as well as BOOL, or Boolberry, which has been a popular coin for pumping and dumping.

Augur and Monero, both slightly higher priced coins are good to pair against each other since they have similar metrics with Monero being the slightly stronger coin based on CMP, but given its seniority on the markets, it will be a question of whether Augur will surpass this coin over time?



Ripple has also been on an uptrend for most of the week, and we are wondering, is it going to enter a downphase? Or keep moving upward?

ETH has remained stable in pricing relative to the hard fork coming, and STEEM has been on a downtrend over the past week, losing over 15% during this current downphase.


Stay tuned for more trading updates over the weekend as we highlight some of the more active movers.

Bitcoin is currently trading around $633.44 per coin.


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