Are you interested in getting dividends from a profit-sharing option? And buying in at an affordable price? There are many options on the market today to earn profits in the form of gainsharing, but what if you could be earning part of the profits made from the Bitcoin Exchange itself?


Well, you can now with Alcurex Shares. These shares were over .006 BTC just a few weeks ago, and have since dropped by 50%, making them priced to move. The weekly payouts vary depending on the exchange volume, but with all the enhancements and new coins that will be listed in the coming weeks, there is no denying that the volume will be sure to increase over time. When the volume increases, so does the dividend payouts, and so does the price of the shares.

Do you own any Alcurex shares yet? If not, head over to and pick some up for some possible profits, as well as gainsharing dividends. These shares are rated as low-risk based on previous performance and current prices, in the medium to long-term, and allows user flexibility for easy deposits and withdrawals of dividends. So what are you waiting for? At the current price, .036 can get you 10 shares, and .4 can get you 100.


Registering on Alcurex exchange is simple, and only takes a few minutes, yet offers a safe and reliable trading experience, with plenty of altcoin options, and more options coming in the future. Is now the time? Yes, now is the time. :0