Zcash on Polo, Zcash on Kraken

The Zcoin Zcash revolution is underway, and the exchanges are gobbling up these tasty new coins. The Kraken, with its large dripping jaws will be one of the first to list Zcash, which is a very interesting coin, and is known as a sibling of Zcoin, which will be listed on Poloniex.

Here is the Kraken Announcement:



Here is the Poloniex Announcement:


Blog from Zcoin:



Alcurex Exchange will also be adding some new updates and expanding its features in the coming weeks, so make sure to register now and start trading before the flood rolls in!

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One response to “Zcash on Polo, Zcash on Kraken”

  1. This is good for miners. /maxco


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