#Iconomi #PutinCoin gains, #Grupbit Dominates

Putin Coin recently surprised everyone with its quadruple-up price gains, and Iconomi continues to trend up. Monero also made a comeback to above $7 usd after hitting a low of $5, and BTC remains around the $700 USD price range. LTC also made slight gains, while plenty of developments are underway after the recent election in the USA. Trump Coin made some late gains prior to the election close, and TPG and TP1 also continue to have a large fanfare on exchange like Alcurex.com where you can buy a wide variety of coins, including Royal Coin, which was recently listed.




In other News, GRUPBIT (GRU) has been one of the most competitive funds, paying over 1.7 BTC in the last two months since its inception. For weekly dividends and the best ROI, consider getting some GRU before the price goes through the roof.



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