Alcurex Exchange Adds New Coins, Updates

Alcurex exchange has made the step to becoming one of the larger, and more notable Bitcoin exchanges for those who want to trade a wide variety of coins, and may not be able to do so on other exchanges. Alcurex Exchange, being based in Finland, is one of the top exchanges for international traders who want to get in on a wide variety of high volume trades (high liquidity), and lower volume select trades (low liquidity).

As part of the new enhancements, some of the additions include USD markets, new interface, and wide variety of coin additions to make it a premier trading experience.

Register now and get full access to local and remote markets, as well as top-notch customer service and dividend stocks (Grupbit and Alcurex shares offer weekly dividends), as well as a wide variety of other coins.



Once you register you will also get access to a wealth of features such as tracking charts, tools, and a list of open orders, pending orders, and other trade tracking units to help maximize your profits. Open an account at Alcurex and begin your trading experience on this new and exciting platform.


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