#Bitcoin Difficulty Spikes

There has been another increase in difficulty on the Blockchain, thus reducing the mining awards, and reducing mining profits. While the profits did increase slightly with the price increase, the overall mining operations for Bitcoin are hardly profitable, and begs the question of scammers and cheats who are offering mining services with high profit potential. Here are the charts from the Blockchain to give investors some insight on how the Bitcoin Blockchain is performing.

The difficulty is increasing, thus reducing the rewards for miners.


At its current price, the market cap is above 12 Billion.

The total number of transactions is increasing, which is a good thing for miners.

As you can see the difficulty increases, and this makes it harder to mine a Bitcoin from the Block, however when the price increases, and volume of transactions increase, then mining rewards can also increase, but until there is greater adoption of the network, it seems like the mining operations will continue to be very difficult. For those looking for dividends, try investing in Alcurex shares, which offer a percentage of trade commissions from the exchange back to shareholders, or blended funds like GRU shares, which are blended mining and altcoin hedge funds to help reduce risk, rather than investing full-on in Bitcoin mines.

Zcash recently made gains, and the Grupbit holdings of ZEC are now above .02 ZEC, where the sales of the Zcash will go back to Grupbit holders.


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