Ether set to climb? #poised

Poised for growth? ETHER continues to be a solid alternative to Bitcoin, and is highly affordable compared to it’s $11 price weeks earlier. Cyber Monday is over? Time to see the price climb?


#ETHER coin is fascinating computer users all over the world with its disruptive technology, giving investors, developers, and computer geeks some real playing potential.



YES, that is right, ETHER can do plenty of things, and with the recent inquiry into Bitcoin by the IRS, it is likely that the coin will try and be even more greatly regulated, as Coinbase, and other companies are now sharing user data with registries.

Project developers who had harder times illustrating equity in digital currencies should be rewarded for their recognition and development in the field of computing for their hard work and dedication to such a well-developed platform for business and communication, which has always been a barrier to large-scale international business.

“To have put something on the table for businesses to use, and take advantage of, in a capitalist market, is really as true as free-enterprise gets, and to have so many choices of coins and currencies, is really quite a business in itself.”- Coin Currency News

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December 01, 2016 – Bitcoin climbed by 1.05% today to 754 USD.

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