Does anyone know what is up with Nautilus coin? After taking a look at the charts and noticing it has been in a downtrend for some time, it begs the question of when this coin will turn around?

Currently priced at approx. 5 cents USD, the Nautilus Coin Twitter feed says that this coin is actually valued at closer to $2?


Will the new tax regulations in the US offer NAUT some redemption as a charity coin?



The coin was trading at 75,000 Satoshi in September, and many analysts thought it would turn around and go up at 45,00 SAts, then 25,000 SATS, and now it is just sitting around 7000 satoshis, down 1000% percent from three months ago.

During this time, the trading has been downward with the buy wall slowly growing around the 5,000 mark.



Any updates on progress on this coin from anyone? Any ideas? Please leave some comments on what you think of this coin, and whether the NAUT to PAR conversion will be happening soon?

NAUT is sold at and

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