Stellar Coin Goes Commercial, #nasdaq reports

While it has been years now since any of the coins have been publicly adopted by commercial banks, it has finally come to light that Stellar is one coin that may be moving on up in the world as a solution for commercial micropayment. According to a recent news release from the NasDaq,


According to the news release, the new adoption will allow many underprivileged people around the world the opportunity to conduct borderless mircopayment transactions.

Stellar has been around for as long as any of the altcoins, and is actually one of the first altcoins to come forward as an alternative to Bitcoin.

Today’s price on Stellar showed a 15% gain, and analysts are split on whether the coin will continue its upward momentum, or slide back to previous trading levels.


The recent announcement from the NasDaq has positioned Stellar as a more widely accepted Altcoin, and it’s price is reflecting these changes.


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