#openledger begins #incent sales

Incent is now selling live on Openledger, being the first exchange to bring the coin live following the Incent ICO. Incent, as many of the ICO investors know, is a coin that is dedicated to the Loyalty industry, and offers merchants a common coin for such purposes.


There are plenty of coins available for trading on Openledger, and while the system is somewhat less intuitive than other GUI systems, it still contains a strong ledger for easy accounting purposes.

Openledger is also continuing its offerings of other coins, as well as furthering the development of its ecosystem as denoted by the interesting orbiting display found at their site:




OBITS is one of the original tokens setup by Ronny and his development team as a holding fund for the commissions paid by traders using the OpenLedger system, and anyone is able to buy a stake in this project by purchasing Obits.

It is likely that Incent will be one of the more actively traded coins, especially as new traders see that Incent has been introduced since Incent Coin has been one of the main topics of discussion for traders over the past few months.

Read more about Openledger on their Blog: http://blog.openledger.info/


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