Gates Foundation Confirms Factom Coin

After a recent series of questions regarding the validity of Factom, Inc.’s claim to a $498,491 medical award, it has recently been made public by the Foundation that the claim is indeed true, as indicted by their public statement, which was recently posted.


FACTOM Coin, Factom, or FCT is one coin that investors are hedging and buying up quickly since the recent announcement that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested in the blockchain enterprise solutions company. Offering products, and services, that use the Factom Coin as the central currency, the company has been adding to its list of partners, products, and services, adding a steady stream since it launched its new look and feel back in September.



Since the site launched its product line in early 2016, and recently celebrating their one year anniversary in September, Factom has ranged from the earlier highs of .006 and higher in Q3, to just around the .004 price point heading into 2017. It is also anticipated that with the approaching tax times in North America, that some investors who are making capital investment tax claims will be looking at Faction Coin as a viable investment option, and potential safe haven during volatile oil markets heading into January, 2017.



Their recent developments with border security, healthcare, data, and financial services are making Factom a hard coin to catch.

(Image Source: Factom Blog: OR FACTOM.COM

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