Coin Currency News Goes For BoostR

Coin Currency News recently sent an application for crowdfunding to the Boostr Program, where the project will seek up to $5000 in funding for expansion of the site into Video and Print Material Production. It is expected that the stock price (STATS) will gain in value as the investors are being compensated with STATS shares for their investment.

The money received will be used to expand print materials, increased marketing, development of Video News Channel on Youtube, as well as hiring of freelancers, marketing materials, and outreach programs as part of a larger business plan to grow an investment consulting platform, as well as affiliate income.


It is anticipated that the funding injection should increase the web traffic to the site, affiliate income, advertising revenue, print production, video news production, and overall attractiveness of the Coin Currency News business operations, as well as increased dividends into the 2017 business year.

2 responses to “Coin Currency News Goes For BoostR”

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