#mooncoin starts to #moon

It seems like each time the moon starts to get brighter and more full, there is always one coin that gets a little more attention. Welcome to Moon Coin!


This coin offers users the option to get paid with their Likes:


MoonCoin is about as cheap as any coin can possibly get, at 1 Satoshi, it is definitely one of the cheapest coins around. DO you think Moon will ever be used on the Moon? ๐Ÿ™‚


6 responses to “#mooncoin starts to #moon”

  1. I’m in for one satoshi =) nowhere to go but up!!


  2. Does Moon Coin will increase if yes then how much time it will take i bought at 8 satoshi ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    1. Yes, it is tough to say, but maybe moon coin will rise in the future, but may not keep the pace with Bitcoin since it increases quite a lot. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  3. Steven Lee Deacy Avatar
    Steven Lee Deacy

    If it can be said that a geographical location can make or break all the progress of ardent labor, then Earth’s only natural satellite fits the bill. At one sixth the gravity, and a 400 degree Fahrenheit variation on the lunar surface, building the industrial automation to produce energy and infrastructure will be key. In my humble opinion the irreversible nature of Mooncoin blockchain is its strength and appeal. A paradigm shift in our use and regard for money and wealth is happening . I want to be part and let Mooncoin be a part of this. Let’s fill some ledgers. I’m excited and sold on blockchain, but they’re certainly not created equal, nor would I expect them to be. I’m just really impressed with Mooncoin and its eco-friendly approach. We have so much to be thankful for in regards to Moon. The planetary body which has no illumination of its own, but nevertheless occupies the night sky phasing in and out of view; the one that set the tides to motion and the seasons to cycle on this small blue marble. Lets use this opportunistic moment in history to get history right,. To embrace the future and all of its unknowns .To the Moon with Mooncoin.! I can see it happening. We as a species can move all hard and heavy industry to space, and save Mother Earth as a garden for future generations to have and appreciate. We’ve had much tragedy and more to come from our already pronounced impact on our Earth Mother for which we depend so much(and take as equally for granted.) Built on the future, Mooncoin can help save us from ourselves if only we embrace a PoS and PoW methodologies . Moon word is also a simplified coding apparatus that is straight forward , safe and secure from intrusion and alteration. The nature of hash. Oh well. The more I learn, the less I seem to know. One answered question has raised the number of questions. The learning curve is sharp. I was afraid before, but now I’m growing in confidence almost daily. I’m prone to depressive fits, and investing in crypto has definitely made otherwise dull moments not so bland after all. Kudos, all you crazy coins and tokens.


  4. I like mooncoin. Where I creat mooncoin trusted wallet . Please tell me anybody…thanks


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