Coin Currency News Q4 Dividend .29978972 btc #stats

Coin Currency News had a successful fourth quarter compared to previous quarters, with affiliate income increasing by 3000%. While we are not able to comment on whether this trend will continue, we expect that our publication sales in 2017 will increase to provide shareholders with better opportunities to share profits from the Coin Currency News website. While primarily focused on Bitcoin News, Altcoins News, E-books, and online publications management, the site may also venture into consulting options, and other business ventures to increase shareholder dividends.

screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-7-04-55-pm — anyone can buy and sell the Coin Currency News shares on the Alcurex exhange and earn profits from the site, as well as buy and sell the stock publicly under our project management arrangements, and we expect our business to increase its publicity and outreach in 2017, which can mean only more growth and development.

We expect to have the .29978972 btc paid to STATS (coin currency news) shareholders via the Alcurex exchange within the next 24 hours.


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