PascalCoin lists on Poloniex, surges

Pascal Coin listed on Poloniex yesterday AM, and for the early traders who were able to get some of the PASCAL Coin prior to the listing, then heavy profits were realized with 4000% gains on the day, and jumps from 1000 Satoshis, to 12,000 Satoshis, then it’s current price point of close to 80,000 Satoshis!




Now, how about that! Imagine getting in on a train like that! Wow, some of those early traders sure got lucky on this pump, and even some of the late buyers were likely able to get in on some profits. This is similar to the Putin Pump that occurred a few days ago, when the coin jumped from 400 Satoshis to over 2300 Satoshis, but the Putin Pump pales in comparison to the Pascal Pump, which is leaving late-entry investors skeptical on where the price will go from here, with many savvy investors know that after the pump comes the dump.

Other coins showing recent launches and active development include First Blood Coin (1st), and OBITS, as listed above.

Bitcoin is trading around the $900 USD per coin price point, down 1.5% from yesterday’s average.


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