#NAUT making a comeback? #nautiluscoin

Is Nautilus Coin trying to make a comeback on Poloniex? Did BK and his New York hustle team finally get the majority back and induce a pump into the 2017 Blockchain market share? It appears that the 300% gain over the last week may be just a taste to come as the price has been down over 750% on the 6-month average, where the slump continued and continued.


Now it seems like there has been new life breathed into the Nautilus Coin as Trump, who is also a New York Investor and businessman recognizes the importance of global business, and liberating New Yorkers to red tape, and licensing issues when it comes to virtual currencies. It seems appearent that even with all the protests coming from silicon valley, that Trump may be able to regain his position as business leader if her slackens the regulations on bitcoin and virtual currencies, and treats them as digital assets, or capital assets, in the case where some of the stronger business-injected coins have large capital holdings.

Whether BK and His Fast Money team will put this to the so-called $2 mark remains to be seen, and even if this valuation is only half-correct, then at least investors getting in at 12 cents will still see plenty of profits.


Bitcoin continues to rally into Superbowl Weekend with the main discussion on gambling, drinking, tostitos, and sports. Other than that, Yobit has been making Putin Coin famous, and there is talk that if Putin were to list on Poloniex or Bittrex that the price would be over 30k sats, but this is all speculation, and until the volume gets closer to the 1000 BTC per day, putin Coin will just be one of the hottest coins on the markets.


Also, check out BK’s feed on Twitter for updates on his Team’s development.


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