Greece, Italy Continue To Push For Bitcoin

With coming challenges to the banking sector in Greece and Italy, some analysts are suggesting that they will turn to Bitcoin related investments as a source for alternative banking options for consumers and business who have lost trust in the traditional sectors in Greece and Italy, where people are absolutely outraged at the corruption and manipulation of the system that has caused many people to go bankrupt and lost trust in the traditional system.

Gautham News BTC reports:



In Other News…

Grupbit Mining Company and Investment Hedge Fund Continues to Grow it’s payouts, offering investors an alternative option for high-yield investing (, and is sold on the Alcurex Exchange.


Total of 10,000 GRU Shares in existence representing 100% of GRU Managed Fund.

2016 trading average: approx. .0013 (24% price gain since IPO during 3-month period).


Other coins continue to rally include DASH, VERT, MAID, and NEXIUM – which is driving large volume on Poloniex.


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