Bitcoin Rises Rapidly To New High, Alts Hold

The Altcoins seem to be holding their own in the wake of a rapid spike in Bitcoin, sending it to a new high of $1176 USD.


The recent spike increase suggests an increasing popularity in Bitcoin as investors find new ways engage hobby investors, coin traders, and enthusiastic altcoin collectors. In fact, the alt coins are the true interest of coin collectors, as they can be traded quite quickly and can provide hours of enjoyment.

The real question is, has anyone ever played the Settlers Of Catan?

This board game is an ideal example of altcoins trading, and only requires a few hundred dollars of bitcoin to get started. In fact, many investors can collect millions of shitcoins for only a few dollars, but sometimes these shitcoins are attached to high stake businesses that can provide large payouts when they become successful.



screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-10-57-48-pm – check the altcoins prices and start your new hobby today and try to make money doing it, or just trade coins with your friends and become a bitcoin settler by signing up for a wallet on the

Once you setup a wallet on the Blockchain at – then you can send bitcoin to your accounts on altcoin exchanges and speculate on the markets to try and grow your empire.

click this link and get a wallet on the bitcoin blockchain.



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