Is anyone else surprised by the sudden price increase of DASH coin? With a lower market supply than some of the other higher priced blue chip coins like Ether and Monero, DASH is making investors queasy with it’s bear run. Hitting a new high has left some investors cashing out, while others are debating to buy it or not. With its increased price, it recently moved into the fourth spot on the Market Cap list, behind Bitcoin, ETH, and Ripple.


Other coin news includes a recent NAUT pump on, where investors are seeing increased activity and higher volume on the Nautilus coin.

Also, the Openledger Team is gearing up for the Apptrade Eary Coin Offering, which is sure to attract alot of investment in this novel business platform, when investors can make earnings off the App Pool Fund.


Bitcoin prices also increased back to its previous high of 1188 USD after taking a short mid-week dip in the $50 range, but the really good news is that the transactions have increased the moving average above 300,000 transactions per day, illustrating the stability of the Blockchain to handle larger volumes.