#apptrade crowdsale now live!

Now is your chance to get in on a new coin that offers a diversified app pool as a source of revenue, as well as some early buy-in bonus options.

First, register an account at OpenLedger, where you will have your APPX (Apptrade Tokens) sent to your account following your purchase.

This new coin may be a game-changer in the crypto-world as it offers investors a chance at rapid growth, and shared pool income, which posits it as a novel and unique way to earn investment profit, much more so than traditional coins that just operate on a trading system without a pooled revenue model.

Here are some snapshots from the webpage, and go to https://ito.apptrade.io/ to get your tokens now, but remember, you will need an OpenLedger account, so register here first, then input your username in the box and send your BTC to get your tokens.

In other news,

Bitcoin is holding steady around the $1300 price point on most major exchanges, except for some Asian exchanges, where prices have risen above the $2000 USD price point, especially in South Korea’s exchange.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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