#OBITS trending on #LiveCoin

Livecoin.net recently listed OBITS and investors on that exchange as getting a taste of how the OBITS system works, with over $1634 USD volume, the price spiked considerably (over %200) during the day’s trading.

Anyone can open an account at Livecoin.net and start trading Bitcoin for Altcoins, and take part in small-business profit-sharing revenue, as well as play the Bitcoin and Altcoin markets with their spare change.

For investors who want a larger stake of OBITS profit-sharing revenue, they will have to pay a small fee for a Lifetime Membership at Openledger, where they can then begin free-commission trading for life, and get profit-sharing commissions from the exchange revenues.

Check out the Obits.io website for more information, or if have traded stocks at home on your computer before using self-directed investment, then consider moving to the next level of investing on Openledger and get your lifetime membership and start staking now!

Register at OpenLedger now (experienced traders)

Google Finance reports Bitcoin as a Currency, and the current price point at $1,204 USD, and also added a nifty currency converter to get the exchange rate for any currency, and Google Finance is pretty much the best index for currency conversion stats.

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