#Virtacoin Plus Swapping Process

In case anyone played the Virta Coin, they have announced a swap to their version 2 so users can convert their VTA into the new version of the coin.

We noticed that Bleutrade has their Virtacoin Plus coin already trading under the new ticker, so there may be some progress on this coin in the new version.

Here is the thread:


https://bleutrade.com/exchange/XVP/BTC to follow the Virta Coin Plus pricing changes.



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6 responses to “#Virtacoin Plus Swapping Process”

  1. […] #Virtacoin Plus Swapping Process […]


  2. If any one useing the desktop wallet please encrypt your wallet with strong password or store off line


  3. I will post it again :
    For further details go to http://virtacoinplus.uk


  4. VirtacoinPlus is a hybrid PoW/PoS cryptocurrency.
    Short: XVP
    Total coin: 100 Million coin cap.
    X11 hashing algorithm
    Block time: 1 minute
    diff. retarget 15 blocks
    premine 9M
    POW reward 30 XVP per Block
    Stake Interest: 7%
    Minimum Stake Age, 24 hours, One Year Max age


  5. I have downloaded this wallet and scanned it with kapersky antivirus and no virus was detected.

    The wallet is Free from viruse


    1. my wallet is working, and i scan it with Quick Heal Anti-Virus, no problem was found.


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