Project Updates on Alcurex / Bitcoin Volume

The Coin Currency News stock has been on lower than average trading volume on, where profits from this site are paid to shareholders. It is anticipated that Dividends will be paid to shareholders beginning in June.

The Grupbit Hedge Fund continues to be managed and will increase dividend payouts, even though there has been a reduction in mining profits due to increased Hash Power additions to the Bitcoin network. This has diluted the payouts to smaller amounts, however altcoin and bitcoin trading activities have mitigated many of these reductions, and we continue to try and grow the business to attract new investment. Other strategic moves on this fund (GRU) are the possibility of moving it into a ROM market on Alcurex to create better profit-sharing strategies for savvy investors.

The #KISSERSPACE project continues to cover pop-culture, fashion, and fantasy style stories, as well as grow subscribers, and continues to plan on developing the fashion brand further into 2017 Winter when increased financing options are anticipated.

We are pleased with the new interface on Alcurex Bitcoin Exchange, and encourage traders to register at and join our crowdfunding investment projects for long term profit-sharing.

Go register at and join the world of USD and Bitcoin Markets Trading.

Yesterday’s high volume on BITCOIN, indicates that the blockchain is capable of handling large volume transactions, with over $600 Million USD on the day’s trades, and over $100 day ranges, with current prices resuming their position around the $1200 USD price point.

DASH Coin continues to stun and make impressive gains, pushing up another 30% to above $64.00, and ETHER also continues to make high volume on the markets, and passed the $20 USD price point.


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