Altcoins Post Records Highs (DASH, ETH, ETC)

Altcoins have been posting record highs, and not just far-baggers, but also our local Blue Chips, which have been posting some top results including DASH, ETHER, MONERO, AUGUR, PIVX, and of course Bitcoin. Some of the undervalued plays at the moment include Trump Coin and Putin Coin, both well below weekly average highs.

Here is a chart from a few weeks ago if anyone want to see how fast the Altcoins are making gains!

The problem is that many people who are cashing out are just being forced to buy back in at higher prices since the coins keep rising, and no one wants to miss the boat. With DASH coming close to $100 per coin, after being around $7 a few months ago, many investors are being forced to re-think the potential of Altcoins (Alternative Coins) as a form of business investment.

Check out the Ethereum Chart!

Bitcoin is slowly making gains, and now sits at $1250 USD, or 1,680.00 CAD.


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